Our people are passionate about helping good causes and giving something back to the local communities affected by our acts and emissions.  

TXM Rail undertake much of our work at the heart of local communities around the UK. With this in mind, we believe we have a responsibility to ensure our work not only improves the quality of peoples lives but also leaves a positive, lasting legacy of the company.  

In line with our Journey to Zero vision, we aim to continually invest in local causes; whether this is utilising local trade business or resources, or the donation of materials, time and financial contributions - we are committed to working with all our stakeholders to maximise the long-term benefits for the wider communities.  

Over the course of our Journey to Zero initiative so far, several community projects have taken place.  These range from career days at local schools, the donation of flower conservation areas and materials and school field trips.  More information can be seen in the case studies below, or on the news feed.    

We endeavour to support locally affected communities through our role as a principal contractor; in addition to this we also encourage our staff members to actively patriciate in charity donation events via the Journey to Zero Scheme.  This was a new objective introduced in 2018 and already has proven to be a success. For more information and updates please visit our JustGiving page, and also the news feed.

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