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TXM Rail and Costain Donate and Construct Beehives for Local Allotments

The Pudding Mill Lane allotments in Stratford has suffered from major disruption during the ongoing development of the Olympic Park and more recently the rail upgrades on the Crossrail project. 

A key item within our Journey to Zero Initiative includes TXM Rails commitment to local communities and the environment. With this in mind, TXM and Costain engaged with the local allotment surrounding the Pudding Mill Lane Project to see where we could assist. 

It was agreed that the area would be rejuvenated, a patio and shed be installed and 2 beehives would be donated (as a specific request of the allotment) in order to aid with the pollination process.

Faraday School, local to the project, were also engaged with and attended the open day of the allotment. This was a great success - Valuable information was shared with the children including the importance of bees for the environment, how beehives are managed to help generate honey, tree planting and conservation works. In addition to this the team also communicated a railway safety presentation. The children also helped develop a planting area around the fencing which they thoroughly enjoyed.

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