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Nottingham Canal Bridge Christmas Works

TXM Rail were awarded the Permanent Way package of works by J. Murphy and Son, part of the removal &installation of the Nottingham Canal structure renewal works. The bridge carries the non-electrified Up Newark line (TSN2) from Nottingham to Netherfield at 123 miles 0526 yds.

The core works were delivered during a 56hr shut down over Christmas 2018, commencing on Christmas Eve and handing back to traffic on the 27th December. The works entailed removing an existing jointed BV8 crossing and 22m of plainline track, running over the life expired bridge, in order to allow J. Murphy and Sons to renew the bridge.

Once the track was removed and excavated to formation level TXM Rail returned to site on Boxing Day after the bridge had been replaced and commenced reinstatement of the track. New bottom ballast was installed and the BV8 switch was reinstated in its existing position. To complete the track installation, a non-standard pre-assembled 22m plainline panel was also craned into site.  

Due to the various site constraints,location of the works, access restrictions and short timescales for project mobilisation and delivery, the overall project complexity was significant.

TXM Rail subsequently completed follow up shifts to carry out track monitoring and ballast consolidation in order to ensure any settlement did not adversely affect the running of service.

In addition to the above, from a SHEQ perspective this project was successfully completed to an excellent standard with zero lost time/ non-lost time accidents. This resulted in the TXM accident frequency rate (AFR) remaining at 0.0 for the entirety of the project.

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