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Hook Road Bridge - Longitudinal Beam Renewal

TXM Rail were awarded the design and build contract by the Network Rail for the renewal of longitudinal timber beams on one of the under bridges between Goole Swing Bridge & Goole station. The project consisted of waybeam renewal and track geometry design and implementation on Bridge 6 (Hook Road – 5m 30ch) on the TJG2 Up Line.

The requirement for this work was imperative due to poor horizontal and vertical alignment that had been reported. Track conditions were severe enough to impose a 20mph Temporary Speed Restriction until this work was undertaken.

The project was delivered over a single 26hr disruptive possession and subsequent ROR possessions to carry out tamping, welding and stressing works. The works were collaboratively delivered with TXM providing all plant, tooling and equipment to undertake the renewal with Network Rail providing the skilled resource and boilers to undertake the bitumen works required to reseal the beams into the bridge trough.

In addition to this, and in line with our Journey to Zero vision, the project was successfully completed to an excellent standard, with zero lost time / non-lost time accidents. This resulted in the accident frequency rate (AFR) remaining at 0.0 for the entirety of the project.

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