Virtually everything we do has some impact on the natural environment around us

TXM Rail recognise that the implications associated with climate change and the threat of diminishing our natural resources require us to rethink the ways that we undertake our work. Our primary objective is to minimise the negative impacts of our acts and emissions on the environment and maximise the quality of our works to support the future generations.

However, we acknowledge that this is a significant challenge – and one which cannot be resolved alone.  As of which, TXM are working with our supply chain and industry partners to develop and utilise more sustainable working methods, whilst at the same time working to reduce our carbon footprint and minimising waste generated by our activities.      

We believe that environmental and sustainable development is not a restriction but a driving force behind innovation and ingenuity. In addition to this we also believe it makes our company more attractive to a workforce which is increasingly sensitive to the need for social accountability. We do this by:

  • Looking after the spaces and community in which we work and ensure that they are returned to a suitable and sufficient environmental standard upon our departure.
  • Removing all of our waste and litter from the site and surrounding affected areas. This ensures those working for TXM and the affected community enjoy a clean environment.
  • Collecting, reusing and recycling our waste to creat a more sustainable future.
  • Providing educational awareness briefings and training to our staff and project teams. Thsi will enable the environmental and sustainable message to be communicated and in addition help us all reduce waste (at work and home).
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