Asset Management

TXM Rail are able to offer our bespoke asset management app, which has been developed for managing physicals assets on the railway.  TRACS (TXM Rail Asset Control System) is based on IBMs Maximo software and makes full use of today’s mobile technology – ensuring TRACS is at the leading edge of the market and provides our clients with an innovative and customisable solution for managing assets.


TRACS enables any assets reliability and condition to be assessed far easier by equipping our staff with handheld devices.  These devices provide them with all the information needed to undertake the task at hand and the ability to live update the system with the required information – whether this is for planned preventative maintenance or reactive maintenance.   


With full control of the system and the ability to accurately forecast on upcoming tasks, resourcing is made more efficient and streamlined, and call-outs are reduced.  The system also offers a suite of KPI’s and customisable dashboards for use by the client. 


Asset Management

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